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certified nonprofit organization in USA

Fountains of the Needy, Inc 501 (c) (3) certified nonprofit organization   provide holistic, integrated, and trauma-informed services to all individuals who are directly affected across all ages in our communities through our effective services.

About Us

Bring hope and dignity to those in Need

Upon this holistic integrated approach, our organization will ensure all our respective clients are linked to the diverse services where most appropriately required to their immediate need(s). Based on this premise, we are well informed about the previous and ongoing traumatic experience of our clients since we are situated in most of the vulnerable communities.

Most contemporary scholars postulated that it’s beneficial to investigate prior traumatic issues before further establishing therapeutic measures that are physically, emotionally, and psychologically safe for the clients served.

Fountains of the Needy open her arms to welcome everyone without any form of prejudice, thus, our services will target the vulnerable individuals in our communities and provide comfort, develop trust that they are protected, and find refuge during their difficult time.

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