Fountains of the needy
Food Distribution and Pantry Services in USA by NGO

Food Distribution and Pantry Services

Our food distribution and pantry services will primarily focus on individuals with pre-existing health conditions, children facing malnutrition, families and people confronted with homelessness situation, and to all those who are traumatized with the Covid-19 pandemic that cannot return to work. However, our organization will serve as the handmaid to the government in reaching out to diverse communities by providing food and nutritional education that will be helping to eradicate diabetes, heart disease, obesity and boost healthy lifestyle.

As part of our mission to build healthy neighborhoods, our weekly food pantries will ensure that individuals and families in underserved neighborhoods do not go hungry. Furthermore, our organization will make use of pragmatic approach to elevate food insecurity and nutrition inequality by ensuring that our communities have access to fresh food and meals, as well as information and education resources through provision of nutritional training and program.